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Updates For February 2013

•  February 27:  Today we feature the final set of clips from The Real Foxy Roxy in two different cars.  A warm summer wind is blowing and the top is down on the 62 Rambler convertible so Roxy is anxious to go for a ride.  The stubborn car eventually starts, and Roxy is on her way.  The Rambler keeps stalling on her and eventually just will not start again.  In Part Two Roxy does a bit of cranking in the 70 Valiant, then puts on a revving show for our members.  The fast lane clip is sixteen minutes long (228 MB).


•  February 26:  The 1966 Volvo has been a favorite especially among our European members.  In this first set of remade clips, the scene opens with Nicoll putting the final touches on her makeup.  Her garter becomes unhooked so she has to stop on the stairs to rehook it.  Her Volvo is very hard to get started and once it starts, it keeps stalling on her.  When she gets back home, the car stalls as she enters her driveway and refuses to start again.  Nicoll has four clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 17:40 minutes in length (253 MB).


•  February 25:  Roxy was a very popular Hooters' model and a very good friend, or so I thought.  These are the first remade clips from the video The Real Foxy Roxy.  Roxy doesn't realize that the choke is all the way out when she gets in the Falcon, so the car starts right away, and she begins to back down the driveway.  The car stalls and refuses to start again until the battery begins to die.  Roxy's fast lane clip is 16:27 minutes long (235 MB).


•  February 22:  These are the final set of remade clips from the video More Rambler Magic.  These clips feature models and open with Kylee sitting topless on the bed inviting you to join her as she tries to start the Rambler.  Once she gets to the car, she spends over six minutes trying to start the stubborn car but to no avail.  The second part features our Russian model Elena who has a great deal of difficulty getting the Rambler started.  Once it starts, she drives around the neighborhood until it stalls and is very hard to get started again.  The fast lane clip is 15:55 minutes long (226 MB).


•  February 20:  Brianna was a good friend of Roxanna's who actually called me at 2:30 one morning to come bail her out of the Richmond Co. jail.  In any event, this was her very first shoot, and I apologize for the lighting because the shoot took place late in the afternoon.  We have four clips for our members with a dial up connection plus a 17:56 minute fast lane clip (249 MB).  These clips allow you to accompany Brianna as she pumps, cranks, drives and stalls the 1949 Ford.  Brianna was actually one of my favorite models during the early years, and unlike many of the models, she could drive a stick shift.


•  February 19:  Last week we told you the Christi/Kristi story, and today we feature the first clips from Christi's solo video.  Despite her baggage, I really enjoyed working with Christi.  A very down to earth young lady who was simply trying to make a better life for her family.  I loved Christi in turquoise so you get to watch this young lady with the legs that seem to go on forever pump, crank, drive and stall our 1966 Volvo.  The fast lane clip is 14:17 minutes in length (203mb).


•  February 18:  Today we rejoin Morgan Blair who has finally gotten the Falcon restarted and continues on her journey.  When she gets back into her driveway, she pulls the choke out and teases you as she tries to start the car again.  During her encore shoot. Morgan Blair also did a video in the 1964 Bel Air, which some of our members thought that we sold way too soon.  This very cute young lady spends almost seven minutes cranking and revving this awesome car.  Her fast lane clip is 11:40 minutes long (166 MB).  FYI - while uploading this week's updates, I discovered that we had totally filled up our 250 GB server, so I upgraded to a 500 GB server.  Seriously doubt that anyone else has even close to that much original pedal pumping material, but quite frankly I couldn't care less.


•  February 15:  2005 seems like a long time ago but I will never forget Morgan Blair.  This was her second shoot, and I was thrilled when she said that she wanted to shoot again.  Morgan Blair wants to go shopping so she gets in her 1963 Ford Falcon.  She pulls the choke to get it started, and therein lies her problem.  The car will sometimes start again but almost immediately it dies.  It takes her almost fourteen minutes to get out of her driveway, and her frustration leads her to light a cigarette.  Her fast lane clip is 14:28 minutes long (207 MB).


•  February 13:  This is another set of remade clips from Kayla, another of our pre-2007 models.  Very long legs that look awesome in stockings.  Kayla pumps and cranks the 1966 Volvo until it finally starts, and she then drives around the neighborhood.  The car stalls and is very hard to get started again.  When she finally gets back home, the car stalls in the driveway and the starter dies before she can get the Volvo started again.  Kayla's fast lane clip is 9:01 minutes in length (126 MB).


•  February 12:  These are the last of the remade clips from The Bug & Bare Legs.  The model is Christi.  She and her husband were close friends with the other model Kristi to the point where when Kristi's house was damaged by fire, Kristi and her two kids moved in the Christi and Jason, until Kristi and Jason started sleeping together.  It gets even more interesting!!!  Putting that aside, these clips feature Christi and her size nine bare feet pumping, cranking and driving the Pussy Wagon.  The fast lane clip is 14:57 minutes long (213 MB).  When a site like PE offers $100 lifetime memberships, that should be a clear sign to run away very quickly.  Ron is the biggest bull shit artist on the planet, and Anna Headley is apparently anxious to join his club.


•  February 11:  Over the years, my friend Jimmy has sent me many models, the best known probably being Kelsey Ann.  In his work as a professional photographer, Jimmy has access to quite a few models, many of whom are anxious to earn a few extra dollars.  One of Jimmy's neighbors has a bunch of old cars and trucks, and he agreed to let Jimmy shoot a model in his 1964 Pontiac.  The model is Brittany, and this video features her as a real estate agent trying to meet a client to show him some rural property.  The only clip is for those with a high speed internet connection.  The clip is 15:47 minutes long (237 MB).  I will be most interested to get your feedback.


•  February 8:  We end the week with remade clips from the video Kay & Irish Rose.  I am always flattered when a model brings a friend to shoot with her.  Irish Rose has shot several times and has become a favorite with our members.  Today Irish Rose is having trouble starting the 49 Ford.  She lights up a cigarette and checks under the hood but the stubborn car simply will not start.  Kay then goes back into the house and asks Irish Rose come help her start the car.  When Irish Rose can't start the car, Kay gets back in and eventfully gets the car started.  The fast lane clip is almost nine minutes in length (129 MB).  This clip shot back in 2006 was 96.7 MB so the quality of the new clip is one-third better than the old one. 

Here is a news flash:  Monday will feature a brand new model cranking and driving a 1964 Pontiac on the back roads of South Carolina.  We also have some very risquι stocking tease clip that should go on the site in a week or two.  Some of the models you will recognize, others will be new to the site.


•  February 6:  These are the final set of remade clips from Falcon Favorites.  Mira has quite a few fans and today she is joined by her African American friend Kay.  The two girls want to go shopping, and Mira gets the 63 Ford Falcon started but it stalls as she backs down the driveway.  Neither girl can get the Falcon started so they don't get to go shopping.  There is a fast lane clip that is 14:54 minutes in length (213 MB).


•  February 5:  We continue our updates with week with the first remade clips from More Rambler Magic.  The model is Tara Lyn, a local Hooters girl with some very large natural hooters.  Tara Lyn wants to go for a drive in our 1962 Rambler convertible but she has trouble getting it started.  After pumping and cranking for almost four minutes, the stubborn car finally comes to life, and Tara Lyn heads off for her drive.  The Rambler stalls twice during her drive and is very hard to get started again.  We have a fast lane clip that is 13:48 minutes in length (197 MB).


•  February 4:  We began the week with the final set of remade clips from Brianna & The Bug.  The clips begin with the focus on Brianna's feet and stockings as she drives the Pussy Wagon around the neighborhood.  Very shortly thereafter, the Bug stalls and is very hard to get started again.  Brianna eventually gets it started again only to have the Bug stall in the driveway when she gets home.  When it finally starts, Brianna does some revving.  Her fast lane clip is almost twelve minutes long (170 MB).  I grew up in Baltimore but lived in N. California where I rooted for the 49'ers so I have mixed emotions in the Super Bowl.


•  February 1:  We end the week with more of Roxy, this time in our 1951 Chevy.  This beautiful young lady pumps and cranks the Chevy until it finally starts.  Her feet work the pedals as she drives around the neighborhood.  The car stalls when she pulls into her driveway and once it starts, she pulls into her garage and does some serious revving.  Roxy has a fast lane clip that is 11:42 minutes in length (167 MB).


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