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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In December 2016

  December 30:  Unlike the last two movies that were shot in cold weather, this movie featured our topless six foot model Kylee inviting you to join her as she tried to start the 62 Rambler convertible in the garage. The Rambler wouldn't start so she gave up and went back into the house. We are going back to three updates per week beginning next Monday because our webmaster needs time to work on some special projects like the model index. I hope that 2016 was a good year for each of you, and that 2017 will be even better. Happy New Year.


  December 29:  This was one of my early shoots, probably 2003, and it was very cold as you can tell because Susan covered her hands with the sleeves of her sweater. She was wearing black RH&T stockings when I asked her to see if she could get the 66 Valiant started. The engine would turn over but it just would not start. The battery began to run down so Susan gave up and went back into the house to warm up.


  December 28:  It was a rainy, windy and cold day so I asked Remi to see if the 51 Chevy would start. The car briefly started but stalled almost immediately, and Remi ran the battery down trying to get the car started again so she had to give up and go back into the house.


  December 27:  Probably our second Asian model (after Mary Rose) trying to start our very first car, the 1974 Plymouth Scamp. The storage lot looked quite different back then with the stone tarmac and very little covered vehicle storage. This very exotic young lady struggled to get the Scamp started only to have it stall on her after she finally got it started.


  December 26:  A winter day in Augusta could be 70 degrees or 40 degrees. Kat came for a shoot on a cold winter's day and after a shoot in the Falcon, I asked her to see if she could get the purple bug started without touching the gas pedal. Isobel had done one earlier that had gotten a lot of positive feedback. The battery was starting to weaken a bit when the engine began to turn over, so Kat was able to get the car started after all.

Next week we will go back to three updates per week so Rick can work on the model index. I now have over fifty new movies plus quite a few free clips for Page Two.


  December 23:  Prior to 2003, Gian and I were both contributors to the Pedal Extreme web site. When I opened Pedal Supreme in March 2003, Gian began sending his material to me and continued to do so until 2008 when he joined Ms. Very Shy. Today's movie features Lindsay cranking and driving Gian's 62 Buick Skylark in sheer white thigh hi stockings.

I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and I would also like to thank the many folks who have supported our site since 2003.


  December 22:  Carmela was a very pretty young lady from Venezuela who was a friend of April's. Today's movie features Carmela cranking and driving the 63 Ford Falcon. This movie was shot in 2003, and she looks even better thirteen years later. Carmela married a wealthy guy, and you can check out her fantastic life style on Facebook by searching for Carmela Carrillo.


  December 21:  Rachel traveled from the Charlotte area to shoot with us on many occasions. This shoot was very unusual for us because Rachel was wearing running shoes, gym shorts and a tee shirt as she cranked and drove our 69 Volkswagen. At around the 7:05 mark, you can clearly see the pink "Pussy Wagon" keychain that April sent me. At the end, she purposely flooded the bug.


  December 20:  Claire was a very well known commercial model from Virginia who came to shoot with us in Georgia quite a few times. She was in St. Louis for a commercial shoot so she shot with Gian whose cars were stored on a farm in southern Illinois. She wore Gian's trademark white thigh high hose as she tried unsuccessfully to start Gian's 1956 Ford.


  December 19:  Sweetcheeks (real name Nicole) was a local model who worked with us several times. Sweetcheeks wears pantyhose and chunky heeled sandals as she cranks the 62 Rambler for almost three minutes until it finally starts. She then goes for a drive around my neighborhood until the car stalls at a stop sign and is very hard to get started again. It stalls again during her drive and once more in her driveway.

We continue to find older clips that we have overlooked so updates will continue into 2017.


  December 16:  Let's blame this one on old age (I'm 77) because I overlooked Delila's entire first shoot. The DVD was entitled Delila Darling. Delila was wearing black stockings and a Frederick's of Hollywood dress as she cranked and drove the Pussy Wagon around my neighborhood. If you want to see A LOT more of Delila, go to C4S and search Delila Darling. Very cute and very interesting young lady.


  December 15:  This movie has always been one of my favorite Gian clips, but I thought that it was too short to put in the theater. I changed my mind because good things come in small packages. I hope you agree because I have a few more Gian clips that are almost as good.


  December 14:  This was the first of several Amandas, and she was originally from Texas as you can tell by her drawl. This was also another of my lessons on how not to operate a camera. We were driving the 63 Falcon around the storage lot, and I didn't realize that the camera had been off until we were heading back to the shed. I still managed to get over seventeen minutes of very good video because the car stalled just as we got to the parking spot and Amanda was begging the car to start as the battery began to die. Good stuff.


  December 13:  Liliey was a very attractive and very classy African American young lady who traveled from Albany, GA for the shoot. That was four hours each way. I set two cameras on tripods and told Liliey to see if she could start the 66 Valiant. I was totally out of her sight. She tried her best to start the car but the battery eventually ran down so she had to give up.


  December 12:  Somehow this movie never made its way into the Theater as I found out while working on the model index. Believe it or not, Natasha was a sixteen year old who came with her father for the shoot, and he signed the model release. Natasha tried to start the 39 DeSoto for over seven minutes and then did some revving once she got it started.

I have found over thirty new movies so our updates will extend into 2017. The model index will be a time consuming project so we will reduce the number of new movies next year to give Rick some time to work on the index.


  December 9:  Emily was one of my favorite models and she lived in western South Carolina. Our 49 Ford was actually built in June of 1948 which made it one of the first of the substantially redesigned new models. The 49 Ford was sitting inside of our studio when I asked Emily to see if she could get it started. The slow cranking sound sounded like a weak battery but I later found out that the battery cables needed to be replaced. Emily had the choke out a bit so when the car finally started, she did some very smoky revving.


  December 8:  Allie came to shoot with us from western North Carolina and because she could drive a stick shift, I put her in the 51 Chevy and 68 Opel. In this movie, Allie cranked a very stubborn 51 Chevy until it finally started and then drove around the neighborhood where the car stalled several times.

I was recently asked about third party custom videos, and my only comment was to stay away from Aubrey Ambrosia, formerly with PTP and but now has several C4S stores. I personally had a bad experience with her and apparently others have also.


  December 7:  When I first started shooting videos, I used an agency in Atlanta for some of my models. Billie was not the most glamorous model I ever shot but she was the g/f of the owner of the agency. It took her almost ten minutes to get our 66 Valiant started, and she was then on her way to her ATM. The car stalled at a stop sign and was very hard to get started when she was trying to leave the bank.


  December 6:  Kobe was one of my early models who had a full time job as a travel agent and was modeling on the side. Shortly thereafter, she quit her day job and became a full time model. Her father was Iranian and her mother was English so her real first name was Nassim. Kobe struggled to get the 63 Falcon started and took you for a ride around my neighborhood. The car stalled once during the drive and when she got back home, she pulled the choke out so you could watch as she tried to restart the Falcon.


  December 5:  This was Whitney's second movie from her return visit to work with us, and her blonde hair was history. The purple 69 VW was sitting at the storage lot waiting to be towed to my repair shop so I took Whitney to the lot and asked her to see if she could start the car. At one point the car backfired, but she was unable to get the Pussy Wagon started.

During the month of December, we will be updating five days a week. In addition to the Movie Index By Model which we are currently working on, I plan to introduce a new feature shortly. The feature will be called "Featured Movie Of The Week" where I will showcase what I consider to be some of my better movies. And I have lots of what I consider to be very good ones.


  December 2:  This is our 800th movie and marks the end of Theater Sixteen. This was one of the many models named Kelly (also Kellie and Kelley), and this Kelly was the first to be over forty years old. The movie opens with Kelly in the garage toying with a very stubborn Falcon which kept stalling out every time she got it started. She finally gives up and decides to take the 66 Valiant. This car eventually starts, and Kelly goes to her favorite restaurant for lunch. As luck would have it, the Valiant was very difficult to start after lunch, and it stalled at a stop sign on her way home.

Next week, we will open Theater Seventeen and begin updating five days a week until the end of December. We are also actively working on a alphabetical index by model which should be done before the end of this year. Stay tuned.



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