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Updates For December 2015

•  December 31:  This was Leah's first shoot but quickly became comfortable with me as well as shooting video. Once she finally got the 49 Ford started, I asked her to drive around the neighborhood. At the end of my cul de sac there was a stop sign. The car stalled with no help from me and would not start again. It had to be towed to the repair shop.


•  December 30:  One of many models who traveled from North Carolina to shoot with us.  This was Stephanie's one and only shoot.  I took her to the storage lot and put her in the 51 Chevy, which was my favorite car.  Once she pulled the choke out, the car was flooded so I was quite surprised that she was able to get it started.  There is some nice revving at the end of this movie.


•  December 29:  The 63 Falcon with the choke pulled all the way out is one of my favorite scenarios. Renee was one of my early models, and you get to enjoy her struggle as she tries to back the Falcon down the driveway.


•  December 28:  Christi was a local model who shot with us frequently. She was also a good friend of my other Kristi. Christi was 5'11" tall with some of the longest legs to ever appear on the site. Her legs were made for stockings. This young lady was not shy about pumping the gas pedal which makes this a very nice crank, drive and stall adventure in our 70 Valiant.


•  December 25:  Merry Christmas to each and every one of you who has supported our site since 2003. Our Christmas gift to our members is the opening of Theater Fourteen which features Trish, a young lady with a super personality, cranking and driving our classic 1949 Ford.


•  December 24:  I think that you will enjoy watching Kate Lyn wearing black RH&T stockings trying to start the Pussy Wagon. She also has two clips in the Stocking Tease section where you will see a whole lot more of this super cute young lady. This is also our 650th movie, the last in Theater Thirteen.

PLEASE READ --- I have another 150+ movies ready for the Pedal Supreme Theaters. Beginning January 1st, I will be putting three movies per week in the Theaters. This should take me into October of 2016 with at least 800 pedal pumping movies. When the new movies end, our members will continue to have access to well over 650 giga bytes of pedal pumping material. Twenty years ago, I thought I was the only person on the face of the earth with this fetish. We've come along way, and Pedal Supreme will continue long after I am gone but only with your continuing support.


•  December 23:  This young lady first came with Aubrey and wanted to return so this was one of the two shoots she did upon her return. The car was the 68 Opel before we did any of the upgrades or remodeling. Lisa pumped and cranked the Opel for over 20 minutes and could not get the car started. Just as the battery began to die, the starter gave up the ghost. As I have mentioned before, every one of our cars was licensed, insured and totally street legal.


•  December 22:  Katlin is the only model that I still follow on Facebook. She has a beautiful three year old daughter and a less than one year old son. Her sister is a beautiful Clemson cheerleader and Katlin is also a huge Charlotte Panthers fan so this season has been an awesome season for her family. This was one of her many shoots with us, and you get to watch her crank and drive our 63 Valiant. My favorite movie is Katlin on a very cold winter day trying to start our 49 Ford.


•  December 21:  Dixie was (is) a professional fetish model from Pittsburgh who travels around the country shooting for many different photographers/videographers. We took Dixie to the storage lot and asked her to see if she could get the 39 DeSoto started. Although a bit of a struggle, she finally managed to start the stubborn car.


•  December 18:  Brittany Murray (Bemurr) was a local Hooters waitress and a good friend of Penny's. 1962 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest convertible, and we found this one on Craig's List. We restored this car with new paint, carpet and door panels. It takes Bemurr almost seven minutes to get this car started so she can take it for a spin.


•  December 17:  Brooke was a cousin of Danielle and came to shoot with us just after her 18th birthday. It was cold that day so Brooke had a bit of difficulty starting the 51 Chevy. Once it started, she did some revving and then decided to pull out the choke and flood the car. This is our 645th movie which means that Theater Fourteen will open next week.


•  December 16:  Hayley was one of my very first models, and this movie was shot in 2003. You get to join Hayley in the 63 Falcon for 26 minutes of cranking and driving this very stubborn car. We have been approached by an award winning Australian production company to represent the pedal pumping community in a special feature on the fetish industry. A member in Sydney says that they are quite well known.


•  December 15:  Courtney was a very attractive young lady with very nice natural boobs who came via a referral from a Charlotte photographer friend of mine. She cranks, drives and stalls the 49 Ford and like many of our models, her frustration leads her to light up a cigarette. She also has a run in her stocking which is very unusual for one of my movies.


•  December 14:  This was Tammy's one and only appearance on our site.  She came on a cold and rainy day, and her first shoot was in the Pussy Wagon.  She finally got the stubborn car started and drove around my neighborhood.  When she got back into my driveway, she turned off the key and announced that she was going to flood the car.  And that is exactly what she did.  Our server at WebAir on Long Island now has over 650 gigabytes of pedal pumping goodies.


•  December 11:  This is one of the wide variety of pedal pumping movies that we offer our members. This is a VERY sexy movie because you are totally engaged with Roxy as she invites to join her as she cranks the 62 Rambler. Roxy does some very nice revving at the end of this movie.


•  December 10:  I flew Alison and her family from Kansas City for her shoot. I flew Ayaka from New Orleans and Danielle Trixie from Dallas. I seriously doubt that Shish or PE Ron can say that they have flown models from hundreds of miles away for a shoot. This movie is all about the Falcon with the choke all the way out and a very frustrated young lady trying to back this car down my driveway. You have seen this many times before but somehow it never gets old.


•  December 9:  Lots of comments after yesterday's movie. My career stats are as follows: From 2001 until early 2011, I shot 425 videos. Gian contributed 26 to the site until he went behind my back and hooked up with MsVeryShy, and I bought two pedal start videos from an amateur in Kentucky. Let's get back to the present. Amelia was another model from a photographer friend in NC. This young lady wears black RH&T stockings as she tries to start our 68 Opel. Nice shot of her legs as she looks under the hood.


•  December 8:  Back in 2001 I bought a 1974 Plymouth Scamp and a video camera. I found Skylar on and this was the very first video I ever shot. While it is obvious that I was a beginner, I recently had a member ask me to put Skylar's material in the theater.


•  December 7:  Shea shot with us several times. She was in nursing school and her fiancι was a college baseball pitcher who was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. He never made it past the rookie camp. As you can tell from her outfit, Shea is trying to start the stubborn 51 Chevy on a very cold day. Much to my surprise, she actually got the car started, so I asked her to do some hard revving.


•  December 4:  Our 95 Cutlass convertible with a factory roll bar was acquired in an even trade for our 82 Mercedes wagon. Both cars had issues with getting enough light on the pedals. A very cute Chloe cranks and drives this the newest of all of our cars around the storage yard.


•  December 3:  This was shot at the studio with a very cute African American young lady trying to start the 62 Tempest. After pumping and cranking for ten minutes, she finally gives up the battle.


•  December 2:  This was one of many smoking videos that we shot between 2003 and 2009. Nikki is smoking a cigarette as she cranks and pumps the 66 Volvo for almost ten minutes until it finally springs to life. The Volvo stalls several times as she drives around the neighborhood.


•  December 1:  I think that Leah filmed in almost every car I ever owned. This movie features Leah at the storage lot trying to start our 1963 Valiant. When it finally starts, she drives around the lot, which was actually quite large, until the car stalls and is very hard to get started again.



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