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Updates For December 2014

  December 31:  This movie features Angelina and another young lady whose name I don't remember. We will call her Marie. The two girls are getting dressed to go to lunch at TGI Fridays and a movie. Marie's Falcon won't start so they end up taking the 1974 Scamp which gives the girls numerous starting problems throughout their journey. This is definitely one of our longer movies.


  December 30:  As many of you know, Seline was the centerfold in the 2013 Hooters bikini calendar. This is Seline's encore performance trying to start our stubborn 39 DeSoto. The difference this time is her stockings, jet black RH&T stockings. She also opens the hood to see why her car won't start.


  December 29:  Jennie was one of our earlier models with absolutely killer legs. This movie features Jennie trying to back the Falcon down the driveway with the choke all the way out. Unlike many other girls, Jennie manages to make it to the street where she continues her struggle to restart the car. Once back in the driveway, she teases you by playing with the choke while trying to start the Falcon.


  December 26:  When I left Pedal Extreme in 2002 because Ron's unhappy members were affecting my video sales, Gian sent me an e-mail and wanted me to showcase his material. Kristen was perhaps his prettiest model and this movie showcases this beautiful young lady in Gian's classic 56 Ford.


  December 25:  Merry Christmas to all of you who have supported my site these past ten plus years. Here is a Christmas gift that I think all of my members will enjoy.


  December 24:  This movie was shot during Shan's second visit, and while I didn't buy the dress just for her, when she put it on I was so impressed that I gave her the dress. Very pretty young lady in a very classic car. Tough to beat this combination.


  December 23:  I got a lot of mileage out of the turquoise dress and matching shoes, and Isabella looks stunning in both the outfit and the car.  1962 was the first year for Tempest convertible.  We bought ours from Craig's list and proceeded to repaint the car and redo much of the interior.  This is definitely a movie worth watching.


  December 22:  Abigail's father was in the diplomatic service, and her family had recently returned to the States from Ghana when we worked together. She wears black RH&T stockings as she tries to start a very stubborn 39 DeSoto. Two weeks from today, we will open Theater Nine with our 401st movie. When our theaters are complete, we will have well over 600 pedal pumping movies available to watch when the spirit moves you.


  December 19:  For those of you who are fans of Big Brother, you just might recognize Laura who was a member of the cast during season eleven. The movie features Laura in RH&T stockings cranking and driving our 68 Opel. If you like aggressive pumping, you will love this movie.


  December 18:  Another Gian classic featuring Dawn as she cranks the 67 Plymouth in white stockings and sandals. She then takes off her shoes and finally removes her stockings to reveal some bright red toenails pumping the gas pedal.


  December 17:  Sherri is a very pretty Korean/American young lady who worked at the Augusta Hooters when I filmed here. This movie opens in her bedroom as she prepared to out for a drive. Once Sherri gets the 51 Chevy started, she spends quite a bit of time driving around the neighborhood. When she gets back home, she teases you by pulling out the choke and flooding the car. The battery is almost dead when she finally gets the old Chevy started again.


  December 16:  Paris has some of the nicest natural boobs I have ever seen. This aggressive pumper cranks and drives the 63 Valiant at the storage lot where we kept most of our cars. Our first Valiant was a 1964 model and we also had a 1970 Valiant for a while.


  December 15:  Shandi is a very cute young lady who struggles to start the 49 Ford in her stocking feet for over twelve minutes. When the stubborn car finally comes to life, she does some mild revving.


  December 12:  Many of our models so enjoyed working with us that they told their model friends about us. Cassandra was a referral and, in turn, referred quite a few of her friends. As for the 39 DeSoto, I believe that we are the only active web site with a pedal start vehicle. My mother had a 1941 Plymouth that she would let babysitters use to take my brother and me for a ride IF they could get it started. That was frequently a challenge during cold and/or damp weather. So the seeds of my pedal pumping fetish were planted when I was five or six years old (on the eastern shore of Maryland). MsVeryShy's seeds are planted firmly in your wallet.


  December 11:  This young lady bought her boobs in Tijuana and certainly got her monies' worth. Tristen is wearing a beautiful coral cocktail dress with matching shoes. Many of the models loved this dress, and Kimber Leigh asked for it when I sold much of the clothing. This movie features Tristen struggling to start the Volvo for over twelve minutes. The stubborn car finally starts and Tristen is on her way to the party.


  December 10:  The model is Jennifer and the car is Gian's 56 Ford. You will see cranking and driving in pumps, sandals, stocking feet and bare feet. The location is a farm in Belleville, IL, just outside St. Louis, where Gian kept his cars hidden from his wife for well over ten years.


  December 9:  This young lady actually operated a salon cutting men's hair, and she wore absolutely no clothing at all. A photographer friend of mine told me that she charged $50. I paid her well in excess of that which is why she came back to shoot so often. I honestly think that you will enjoy this movie of Tori cranking and driving our classic 49 Ford.


  December 8:  I worked with quite a few Amandas and this young lady was at the top of my list. When you watch this movie, you will see what I mean. We are unique in that we do only pedal pumping because we share your compassion. We don't have a companion site that posts pictures and videos of a fat cow sitting on a sofa with her legs spread.


  December 5:  Quin was a very early model and this was her second shoot. Very unusual to see a model with such nice natural boobs, especially one who likes to show them off. You can tell from the movie that she doesn't feel all that well, but she went to the doctor the day after the shoot and found out that she had pneumonia. Under the circumstances, I think Quin did a very nice job.


  December 4:  Clearly one of the all time favorite cars of many in this community was Gian's red 68 Impala convertible. The movie opens with Bobbi Jo driving the Impala on a rainy day, and much of the movie features driving footage, but there is a bit of cranking in the second half of the movie. This is definitely a movie for driving fans.


  December 3:  Dream was a very early model, and I wish more models had her personality. Unfortunately, Dream had a serious issue with her vocal chords, so her speech was not much more than a whisper. So turn the sound up a bit and you will see a very nice movie. Dream also appeared on PTP as Tremble and perhaps on Pedal Pulse, a site that is ancient history.


  December 2:  It was winter in Georgia and the Falcon had been sitting at the storage yard for quite some time. I took Emily to the yard to see if the Falcon would actually start. After about six minutes of nothing but cranking, the engine actually started but kept stalling out. Emily was finally able to get the car started and drive around the storage lot, but the car stalled on her several times.


  December 1:  This is one of my favorite movies in the 63 Valiant. Kennedy actually floods the car while trying to start it in her stocking feet. Although a bit on the shy side, this young lady does a very nice job. Her movie in the 51 Chevy is also one of my favorites.


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