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Updates For December 2013

  December 31:  Christi was one of the early models that I really enjoyed working with.  Stockings looked awesome on her long silky legs.  The Rambler with the top down was a great car to film in.  Hard to believe that 2013 is almost history.  I would like to close out the year with a message to Ron K.  If you truly believe that your material is sought after by pedal enthusiasts from all over the globe, you clearly live in another world because in this pedal world, you are a joke.  And you are the last person to preach about bullying.


  December 30:  Daisy is a very cute Filipino young lady who can pump with the best of them.  She has been a huge hit on PS, so I know you will enjoy this movie.


  December 27:  This movie was shot on a day that the 51 Chevy absolutely refused to start.  No gimmicks.  Kelly is a very aggressive pumper and was obviously frustrated that the car would not start.  Three tripod mounted cameras, one of which captured some nice exhaust shots.


  December 26:  I was not all that impressed with Victoria when she first arrived but the more I see of her, the more I like her.  Included in this movie are a very nice stocking tease and some revving at the very end.  Hope everyone had a very nice holiday.


  December 25:  Back in the late 1990's when I finally realized that I was not the only one with this fetish, I went to Stacy's Place for a custom.  Stacy was in Florida so Kylie answered my e-mail.  We developed a truly great friendship.  Kylie did this video from her heart.  I did not pay her.  This was shot near Buffalo, NY in the middle of winter so the weather was the real deal.  Merry Christmas to all of our many fans who have supported the site over the years.  Kylie's videos gave me the courage to continue this journey despite the efforts of Ron Kurta and others to put me out of business.  If anyone wants to see pedal pumping in the gutter, check out the updates from PE.


  December 24:  I love a two girl movie where the girls interact with one another.  We have done quite a few, and this was one of our earlier shoots.  You will see quite a bit of material from these awesome young ladies on our site.  We wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, and we are truly thankful to those who have supported our efforts over the past ten plus years.


  December 23:  Cara was a local girl who lived nearby so it was relatively easy for her to come over for an hour or two before she went to work.  This was one of my absolute favorite movies that Cara made.  The black RH&T stockings made her legs look great, and she actually flooded the Valiant on more than one occasion.  I loved the look in her eyes while the engine was trying to decide whether or not to start.  This is Christmas week and we hope to fill up your stockings.  Merry Christmas to Stuart, Cara's biggest fan who just happens to live in Sydney, Australia.


  December 20:  When Bri first saw our cars, she went right to the 51 Chevy and said that this is the car she wanted to drive.  As you will see in the movie, she really enjoyed cranking, driving and revving one of my favorite cars.


  December 19:  Delila is a very cute young lady with a great personality.  And she can drive a stick shift quite well, so today we feature Delila cranking and driving our old Volvo.


  December 18:  Two local Hooters girls who did an awesome job in our 1962 Rambler convertible.


  December 17:  We unfortunately got to shoot Veronica only once, and this is one of the two cars that she cranked and drove.  I enjoyed her work and I think you will also.


  December 16:  Kobe was one of our very first models and the first twenty three minutes features Kobe cranking and driving the 66 Valiant.  The remainder of the movie features a topless Kobe in RH&T stockings cranking our 1974 Plymouth Scamp.



  December 13:  Cami's videos in the Opel and with Heather in Pussy Wagon and the 51 Chevy are three of my all time favorites out of the more than 400 that I have shot.  I also think you will like this one in the Volvo.  Google Cam Ranh Chandler to see where she is today.


  December 12:  In Wednesday's update, I mentioned that we flew Danielle Trixie from Dallas.  Prior to that, we had flown Ayaka from New Orleans where she was going to college studying accounting.  She has since returned to her hometown of Yokohama, Japan where she employed as an accountant.


  December 11:  Danielle Trixie is a well known fetish model that we flew in from Dallas to shoot with us for several days.  The first twenty minutes features Ms Trixie cranking and driving the 51 Chevy, followed by a tease where she shows you her stockings while she tries to start the stubborn car.


  December 10:  This little lady is as cute as they come and does a very nice job trying to start the stubborn 39 DeSoto.


  December 9:  Becky is a fetish/porn model from Florida who teases you in stockings and bare boobs as she pumps and cranks the Tempest convertible.  Great legs and lots of personality.


  December 6:  A classic shoot from 2003.  This is why many of our members think we have so much "new" material.


  December 5:  Very cute young lady who was totally comfortable filming our kind of material.


  December 4:  Tara Lyn was a local Hooters girl who had some huge God given hooters.  The Rambler with the top down was by far the easiest car to shoot a video in.


  December 3:  A very cute young lady cranking and driving a very sexy Pontiac Tempest convertible.  We just finished another movie of Cara cranking the Tempest but she was unable to get it started.


  December 2:  When Natasha couldn't get the Opel started, she had to go back into the house and ask for Tori's help.  Very nice two girl movie.  We just made our 400th movie.  This is movie 117 so we have quite a few more for the theater.


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