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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In August 2016

  August 31:  Another early movie, this time in the 63 Falcon. When I parked it at the storage lot, I had pulled the choke all the way out, and Gracie was totally unaware that the choke was out when I asked her to take the Falcon for a spin around the storage lot. At the time the ground outside of the covered buildings was crushed stone. In later movies, the lot was paved, and there were more covered buildings. Gracie spent over fifteen minutes trying to get the Falcon started again, but she finally gave up.


  August 29:  Jenna was another local Hooter's waitress who came for a shoot shortly after we purchased the 51 Chevy. The weather was quite chilly so I asked Jenna to see if she could get the Chevy started. Nothing was done to the car. At around the three minute mark, you can hear the engine turn over twice, but no sign of life thereafter. The battery eventually runs down so Jenna has to give up.


  August 26:  Kathy was a very sweet young lady who came with her husband from western NC and spent the night at my house. I set two cameras on tripods and asked her to see if she could start the Pussy Wagon, our purple 1969 VW beetle. Her fingers began to hurt from turning the key and after trying to start the car for almost sixteen minutes, she finally gave up. She thought that I was in the house during the entire time.


  August 24:  Amy Renee was a local Hooters server with some very nice natural boobs. Amy was running late for work so she hurries to the garage only to find that her 49 Ford won't start. She calls her boss and then waits for a bit and goes back out to see if she can get the car started. The stubborn old Ford finally starts but keeps stalling as she backs out of the garage. Fortunately, Amy is able to keep the car running, and the movie ends as she begins her drive to work.


  August 22:  Taylor was a very cute local model who came for a shoot with her friend Brittany. It was a warm summer day and Taylor wanted to take the 62 Rambler convertible for a spin. The car actually started in under two minutes so Taylor was on the road fairly quickly. The car stalled several times during her drive and was somewhat difficult to get started again. The Rambler was a great car to film in.


  August 19:  The 63 Falcon had been sitting at the storage lot for quite some time so we asked Kimberly Ann to see if she could start the car. After almost four minutes of pumping and cranking, the Falcon comes to life. Unfortunately, the car keeps stalling and is very hard to get started again. Once it starts for good, Kimberly pulls the choke out and tries to start the flooded engine. The engine eventually starts and Kimberly does some revving.


  August 17:  Jade was a Hooters waitress who was running late for work. We join her as she is finishing putting on her makeup. She then runs to her purple Volkswagen bug which is hard to start because she nervously pumps the gas and floods the engine. Jade finally gets her car started and we join her as she drives to work. When Jade returned to shoot again, she changed her stage name to Tristen, and she had had her boobs significantly enlarged in Tijuana.


  August 15:  This very pretty young lady was a friend of Roxy's who came for a shoot shortly after I purchased the 51 Chevy. So I got her dressed up, set up two cameras on tripods (one being her foot pumping the gas) and told her to see if she could get the stubborn Chevy started. Her frustration led her to light a cigarette but after pumping and cranking for over twenty minutes, she finally got the car started.


  August 12:  Brianna's tease movie last week prompted more interest than I expected so I am going to post one of the few I have left. Kimberly Marvel was a traveling fetish model from San Francisco who came to shoot for several days. The dusty blue corset was part of her lingerie wardrobe so I dressed her in the corset with some black stockings and asked her to crank the 49 Ford so you could see her seams while she pushed the starter button with her toe. She finally got the car started and did a bit of revving and followed that by pulling out the choke to flood the engine and trying to start the old Ford.


  August 10:  I have had a bunch of folks asking when they were going to see another topless model. This is the first movie in Theater Sixteen and although this is not the most attractive model I ever shot, I think her outfit, or lack thereof, will catch your attention. Karrine asks you to accompany her into the garage to watch her honestly flood the Pussy Wagon. After eight minutes of some serious pumping and cranking, the bug finally starts so Karrine goes back upstairs to get dressed so she can take you on a ride around my neighborhood. The last few minutes were shot in my driveway where Karrine purposely flooded the bug again. FYI-this is our 751st movie and we should hit the 800 mark before the end of this year. We are also going to work on an alphabetical index of our movies by model name.


  August 8:  This movie was shot shortly after I purchased the 68 Opel, and it had neither the mechanical nor cosmetic restoration. I asked Claire to see if she could get the car started which was not all that easy on a cold day, but the Opel wouldn't even turn over so I finally figured that it was out of gas. I put some gas in the tank while she was cranking, and the engine began to turn over. Eventually, Claire was able to start the car, drive into the street and around the island at the end of my driveway, and back up the driveway.


  August 5:  The summer so far here in South Carolina has been very hot so it is fitting to end the week with a model by the name of Summer wearing a bikini and flip flops as she tries to start the Pussy Wagon. The bug eventually starts and Summer drives around the neighborhood only to have the car stall at a stop sign. The "sheep dog" comment at the end was intended for a former web site owner who is now a good friend of mine. Time marches on.


  August 3:  This started out as another Falcon movie with the choke pulled all the way out but somehow Helena made it all the way to the end of the driveway so the movie became a driving and stalling one with smoking and stocking feet becoming added attractions. Our sixteenth theater will arrive next week.


  August 1:  Over the years, a few misguided soles have criticized me for not being a better listener when I shoot my stuff. Seems to me that I have included a bit of variety (bikini, bare feet, etc) but when I lay out many thousands of dollars for cars, models and clothing, I should be allowed some discretion when it comes to content. This movie was totally for me, but I was surprised that quite a few folks also liked it. When watching this movie, I want you to know that the 51 Chevy was not altered in any way. Starting or not starting the car was totally under the control of Brianna. For example, when the car was running and Brianna pushed the gas to the floor, the engine would die. I have always enjoyed this movie. I hope you will also.


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