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Updates For August 2015

  August 31:  Another local young lady who loved the vintage cars and really looked good in stockings. You will see her in many of our cars. It was a cold day here in Georgia when I took Tori to the storage lot to crank and drive our 51 Chevy. This is one of quite a few movies where the model pulls out the choke and pumps the gas to the point where the engine will almost start but not quite. Seems that Shishkaboob is patting himself on the back for 11 years on the Internet. Between 2003 and 2007, Sir Alex was a member of our site seven times so I guess we know where he got his training wheels :) And he was a member of the Supreme site for three years AFTER he started his own site. I guess you have to do something to justify 40 bucks a month.


  August 28:  It is worth repeating that this is the only current pedal pumping web site with a pedal start vehicle. Katlin is still a Facebook friend and she now has two beautiful young children. This movie features Katlin struggling to start the 39 DeSoto for a bit over seven minutes.


  August 27:  I think this is one of a kind for me. Kelley spent the night at my house, and it was quite cold outside (for Georgia that is). The next morning, she was finishing her makeup in her bathroom and I was about the take my dog for a walk. I told her that the 62 Tempest was often hard to start on cold mornings and asked her to see if would start while I was walking the dog. The coil wire was pulled and I had hidden a camera in the garage. When I came back from the walk perhaps fifteen minutes later, I could hear Kelley still trying to start the car. You can actually see her from time to time looking on the floor for a kill switch. No inside or foot shots.


  August 26:  This movie features my very first car and one of my earlier models. It was probably shot in 2003. Tonya was at least 5'10" with a very pretty face but a quiet disposition. She doesn't do a lot of talking, but she knows how to crank and pump a stubborn car. At one point she looks under the hood and then cranks with her left foot on the ground while she pumps the gas with her right foot.


  August 25:  Sherri worked at the Augusta Hooters store, and we shot quite a bit with her. She opens the movie by telling you that she was going to flood the bug and for the next eleven minutes or so, she does just that. The Pussy Wagon eventually starts, and Sherri heads on her way.


  August 24:  This was the Opel before mechanical (and obviously body) restoration so it didn't take much to keep this car from starting. In fact, it died while Courtney was driving and wouldn't start but I was able to push the car to the point where Courtney could pop the clutch and the car came back to life. This is another of my many movies with a model smoking, but I still got my chops busted by few jerks for not doing more.


  August 21:  A local Hooters girl who made just one appearance on our site. This young lady knows how to show off her stockings and some other stuff as well.


  August 20:  Roxanna was the star of the local Hooters store who was very excited when she got to take the outfit that she shot in home with her. A very nice cranking and driving video in one of my favorite cars with some very nice revving at the end.


  August 19:  The 1963 Falcon was a relatively new addition to our fleet when Angelina made this movie. Almost 24 minutes of pumping, cranking and driving the Falcon with a young lady with some very nice natural boobs and some awesome legs.


  August 18:  What could be better than an awesome young lady wearing a very sexy bikini trying to start her convertible on a hot summer's day?


  August 17:  Aubrey was a former Playboy model who made the five hour trip from Raleigh to shoot with us on several occasions. She told me that she did not deal well with emotion so making this tease video was a bit of a risk on my part. I actually think that it turned out rather well, and I hope at least some of you feel the same way.


  August 14:  Cara was a local model who was frequently available for morning shoots. I might add that I have members who absolutely adore this young lady. On this particular morning, it was raining so I asked her to see if she could get the Pussy Wagon started. This car was not fond of wet weather, but Cara was up to the challenge. Somebody in Sydney, Australia is smiling.


  August 13:  Megbri came for her second shoot with very dark hair. I much preferred the blonde hair in the first shoot but this young lady was one of the nicest models I ever met. Shoots in the 82 Mercedes were rare because the console made it difficult to film the pedals. This was a gray market car because it was purchased in Germany and imported into the US. My service manager told me that the head lights alone were worth hundreds of dollars. This is a very nice cranking and driving movie. FYI - I traded this car for the 95 Cutlass rollbar convertible even up.


  August 12:  Andrea was a referral from April, and this was her second visit. 1961 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest, and this wagon was a very classy car. This is one that I wish that I had restored because it was a very rare automobile. A very pretty young lady cranking and driving a very classic car. What more could you ask for?


  August 11:  Jessica came to shoot with us from Anderson, SC, and it was a chilly day even in Augusta so we took her to the storage lot and challenged her to start and drive several of our cars. This movie features on of my favorite cars, the 68 Opel Kadett. It was sitting with a For Sale sign on the side of Hwy 17 near Elberton, GA when a model and her husband called me. I bought the car for $650 sight unseen and eventually did a mechanical and body restoration. Lots of great memories in this car.


  August 10:  Shan's first movie in the 63 Falcon was a huge hit. This one was shot in the late afternoon so there are some sunlight issues which in my opinion, are more than offset by her teasing personality, which includes pulling out the choke and teasing you while she tries to start the Falcon. Shan had several legitimate acting roles so I enjoyed watching this movie. I hope you do too.


  August 7:  Melissa Wolf was American's most published centerfold appearing in numerous Penthouse publications. She recently sent me a Facebook friend request and I must tell you that at 51, she still looks damned good. The title says it all, but I will add that you won't see anything like this on other pp web sites.


  August 6:  Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of vintage stockings, and quite a few of my cars have come from the era when women actually wore stockings and garters. I attempted to provide a bit of variety with bikinis, bare legs, bare feet and even a few topless. Today's movie features Kylee wearing sneakers with a gym outfit cranking and driving our purple 69 Volkswagen which April nicknamed Pussy Wagon.


  August 5:  Today we celebrate the opening of Theater Twelve, which means that this is movie number 551. The model is Rachel and the car is our 1949 Ford which was actually built in June of 1948, making it one of the very first of Henry's totally redesigned cars for the 1949 model year. Rachel was one of many models who spent the night in my house, so this movie opens with Rachel finishing her hair and makeup before going down to the garage. At the end, Rachel teases you by pulling out the choke to stall the engine and then trying to get it started again. We are well on our way to 700+ movies.


  August 4:  There are two things rarely seen on this site. One is our 1995 Cutlass convertible with the factory roll bar and the other is bare boobs. Tori's boobs are huge but I think the implant guy did a very nice job. She just might make you forget that she can't get the car


  August 3:  This was Cami's second visit and her personality was a bit more subdued during this visit. I took her to the storage lot where she initially flooded the 63 Valiant but finally got it started and drove around the lot. This is another interesting Google search (cam-ranh chandler). Cami sings well enough to sing the National Anthem at a Charlotte Bobcats game but she doesn't have the voice to sing outside of the Charlotte area. And she also has a bit of an ego issue.


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