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Updates For August 2014

  August 29:  It has been super hot here in Georgia so it is fitting that we end the week with a super hot model in a very hot classic Rambler convertible. Turn up the a/c, grab a cold one and sit back to watch a very cool movie.


  August 28:  I have said this before but it is worth saying again. Nickie Black stood up big-time to Ron Kurta, the owner of the here today and gone tomorrow website Pedal Extreme, when Ron viciously attacked me on She honestly offered to wear a pair of my vintage seamed stockings under her wedding dress if I would come to her wedding. Unfortunately, I had already committed to a trip to California to celebrate my birthday. Nickie got married, had a son and got divorced. I love this movie and I think you will also.


  August 27:  Although she was quite shy when she first arrived at Pedal Supreme, she has evolved into quite a remarkable young lady. She and her husband arrived for a shoot shortly after we purchased the Opel and before we undertook major mechanical and cosmetic repairs. This movie features Leah going to the garage to see if she could start the new addition to our fleet. "Third time's a charm" is right on the money. I was NOT in the garage when she was being filmed. Leah actually tried six different times but I decided not to put the first three tries in the theater. Too much of a good thing?


  August 26:  Many of you already know that I flew this awesome young lady in from Dallas to shoot with us for several days. We shot some great video and if you are a fan of the early Volvos, you will love not only the car but the model as well. As far as fetish models go, Danielle Trixie can keep up with the best of them.


  August 25:  This is another classic from Gian featuring Liz cranking and driving his 1962 Buick Special in a variety of footwear, including barefoot with the awesome red nail polish.


  August 22:  Daisy is starving and wants to get something to eat, but her Rambler convertible doesn't want to cooperate. Daisy is wearing a green dress with black mules and NO hose. She removes her shoes and tries to start the car in her bare feet. After more than seven minutes of pumping and cranking, the Rambler comes to life, and Daisy is on her way for some food.


  August 21:  This movie was shot more than ten years ago and was one of the first to feature our 63 Ford Falcon.  The movie opens with Lindsey sitting in the Falcon trying to get it started, which means that I unknowingly did not have the camera in the record mode when she was walking to the car :)  Lots of cranking, driving and stalling from the very cute young lady.  She also cranks with the hood open.


  August 20:  This is probably Gian's longest video, and it features two girls wanting to go shopping but neither of their cars will start. The cars are Gian's 56 Ford and 67 Plymouth. Indeed, the girls fry the starter in the Plymouth and have to go back to the Ford which still will not start.


  August 19:  The two young ladies want to do some revving, but the 49 Ford won't cooperate. Katlin can't get the car started at all, so Morgan gives it a try. The stubborn car finally starts, and Morgan does some revving with lots of smoke pouring out of the tailpipe. While Katlin is cranking the car, Morgan discovers that she has a run in her stocking.


  August 18:  One of the early videos shot in my favorite car. Models who could drive a stick shift were a rarity, and Christi was very comfortable behind the wheel of the Chevy. She was 5'11" and looked absolutely awesome in stockings.


  August 15:  What a way to open Theater Seven. A former Playboy model cranking and driving a classic sixties convertible in a bikini and bare feet. Seriously doubt that you will see either at PTP. But then again, we don't have Kimberly


  August 14:  Mandy has the honor to be our 300th movie in the Pedal Supreme Theater. And we have another 250+ movies ready for the theater. Memo to Shish -congrats on your 10th anniversary but I have been doing this longer, had a much more varied fleet of cars, and have way more content. I totally agree that you do your stuff your way and I have done mine my way. But for the life of me, Scarlett waddling across a parking lot to the Volvo is just about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on any pp site.


  August 13:  Rachael was a model from the St. Louis area who was visiting near us and wanted to shoot. She had spent too much time at her friend's pool the day before the shoot so you can see that the back of her legs are quite red. Not the prettiest model I ever shot but I was very pleased with the results.


  August 12:  Gian's 68 Impala convertible was probably his most popular car, and Kristen had to be one of his cutest models. This was shot in the barn on the farm where he kept his cars. Gian hooked up with msveryshy but I haven't seen much from either of them recently.


  August 11:  Shandi had just about the cutest face of any model I ever shot. And this girl had personality! She was one of the first to crank our 39 DeSoto and for sure was the first to drive this monster.


  August 8:  Bare leg Friday continues with Ali Knight in a VERY sexy bikini trying to start a very stubborn 49 Ford with her bare feet. Once it starts, you get to watch her bare feet work the pedals as she drives this stick shift car. Next week will see the opening of our seventh theater as we cross the 300 movie threshold.


  August 7:  When I advertised Aubrey as a "Playboy model," I received an e-mail from the Playboy legal department challenging my right to use the Playboy name. Aubrey's real name is Nikki Miller, and although never a Playmate, she was indeed in several 2006 Playboy publications so I was given permission to use the Playboy name. Although she had a five hour drive one way, Aubrey was always willing to come for a shoot. FYI - every model who signs a model release gives me the right to use her real name, although I seldom do so.


  August 6:  This was Gian's second shoot with Tonya, and in my opinion, the best of the bunch. Gian chose to hook up with MsVeryShy and he is probably regretting that decision big time. May well have cost him his marriage, and for what? Both Shish and I have shot models that make Michelle look like she belongs on a broomstick. Sorry for getting off message but this is actually a very good movie.


  August 5:  Like Ayaka, this young lady was going to school and using modeling to pay her way. Her major was interior design, and she has left modeling in her rear view mirror. Loved her look as well as her personality. In my humble opinion, this is a very nice movie.


  August 4:  Ayaka was a Japanese national who was going to college in Louisiana when we paid her way to come shoot with us in Georgia. She is now back home in Yokohama and last I heard she was working in accounting. We shot her in four different cars, including the 63 Falcon with the choke pulled all the way out.


  August 1:  Another blast from the past. I shot Kobe over ten years ago. At the time her day job was as a travel agent but she soon became a fulltime model. Her father is Iranian and her mother is English. If you like bikinis and flip flops, you will love this movie. Speaking of movies, as things stand right now, the theater will eventually contain well over 500 pedal pumping movies. Theater Seven opens in two weeks with our 301st movie (Bikini Aubrey).


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