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Updates For August 2013

  August 31:  Here on the last day of the month, we posted our 18th update of the month by adding 5 new videos to our popular and growing Theater section of the website.  This section now has 75 high quality videos in it and their playback time exceeds 1,700 minutes.  Our members now have access to over 5,100 exclusive high quality Pedal Pumping videos and their total playback time exceeds 30,000 minutes.


  August 30:  These are clips from the video "fabulous fifty-one" and they feature Kayla trying to start the 51 Chevy where she wasn't feeling all that great to begin with.  No switches or pulled coil wires.  Just a cranky model with a very cranky car.  One more thing.  There is a Jennie clip cranking the Pussy Wagon that we moved to the Bonus Clip section when we remade the Fast Lane pages (b-165fl-2).  Quite a few members have told me that this was one of their favorite clips.  I have replaced the old clip (3:40 minutes long) with a new clip that is 6:45 minutes long and the quality is significantly better.


  August 28:  Today we give you two black and white stocking tease clips from two of my favorite models.  Adriana and Marie both shot with us on more than one occasion, and both are high on my list of favorite models over the past ten years.  Beginning next week, our updates will consist of three new models being added to the theater each week, one each on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The five being added this weekend will give us a base of eighty pedal pumping movies as we begin the weekly updates.  Our goal is to provide our members with access to a huge data base of quality pedal pumping material without having to use their valuable hard drive storage space.


  August 27:  While we are retiring after more than ten year of consistent updates, we simply can't leave without featuring once again a model who has made her mark on our experience.  Nicki actually invited me to her wedding telling me that if I would attend, she would wear a pair of my stockings under her wedding dress.  Unfortunately, I had already scheduled a trip to California to celebrate my birthday.  The end of these clips features Nicki and Morgan trying to start our 1962 Rambler convertible.


  August 26:  Jezebel is obviously our model Penny who is an artist in more ways than one.  This is a very sexy stocking tease clip that will keep your eyes glued to the monitor for over nine minutes.  While our regular updates will end this week, we will continue offer our Pedal Supreme Theater while you will have at your disposal more than one hundred full length pedal pumping movies before the end of the year.   Note:  On Saturday, we added 5 new videos totaling 113 minutes to our Pedal Supreme Theater.  The Theater now has 70 videos and over 1,600 minutes of exclusive pedal pumping videos inside it.


  August 23:  These are the second and last set of clips from the video Jessie.  As I said when I posted the first set of clips, not the most attractive model I ever shot, but this young lady has personality plus and knows how to tease you.  AND she looks great in stockings.   In these clips, Jessie and her cigarette crank, pump and drive the 62 Rambler convertible for almost seventeen minutes.  I didn't realize until I sold it how many members loved the Rambler.


  August 21:  Adriana has shot three videos for us, and she is just about as cute as they come.  This clip is an implied topless clip which was shot in our 1962 Tempest convertible which we sold to a classic car dealer in Florida.  The dealer listed the car for $16,999 but I have NO idea what it sold for.  We paid $1,600 for the car so we surely got our money's worth.


  August 20:  Many years ago there was a site called Stacysplace and it was there that I met Kylie.  I helped her out financially and she did several exceptional videos for me.  The camera was apparently not the best so it is impossible to render her film like I would otherwise do, but the effort she put into the videos truly touched my heart.  Last I heard, she was happily remarried with two young children, and I am very happy for her.  This fast lane clip is 24:27 minutes long (350 MB).  If you haven't already done so, go back and look at her Christmas clips from video 229.  A truly amazing young lady.


  August 19:  This stocking tease clip is a bit different in that you get to watch Jenna put the stockings on and rip them to shreds when she takes them off.  You also get ample views of her very nice natural boobs during her 7:56 minute clip.  Hope some of you have had a chance to try the theater.  Sixty five movies right now and seventy five by the end of the month.  Plus two new movies a week for the foreseeable future.


  August 16:  This is a remake of one of my earlier videos featuring a model by the name of Amy who traveled from Florida to shoot with me.  I set up three cameras on tripods and asked her to see if she could start the Pussywagon.  She  cranked, pumped and smoked for over seventeen minutes until the battery finally gave out.  Just a reminder that updates will cease on August 30.  However, I think you will really enjoy the Pedal Supreme Theater.  This weekend we will have 60 full length movies, and the theater will eventually host over 100 of our very finest movies.


  August 14:  Paris is a bartender at a local club who quite frankly is one of the main reasons folks come to the club.  And after seeing this clip, you will understand why.  This is one hell of a stocking tease clip even though she shows you very little.  Her clip in the Opel is one of my all-time favorites.  This is 8:13 minutes of pure pleasure.


  August 13:  These are the first set of clips from our video Volvo Adventures starring Roxy.  This drop dead gorgeous Hooters girl cranks, drives and stalls our 1966 Volvo 122S in a manner that will drive you crazy.  Roxy's fast lane clip is 15:54 minutes long (225 MB).


  August 12:  A very sexy stocking tease clip from another awesome young lady.  Just a reminder that our last update will be August 30th.  If you haven't already done so, check out the Pedal Supreme Theater which now has 60 titles but will have well over 100 titles within the next few months.    Note:  We also added 5 new exclusive pedal pumping videos inside our Theater on Sunday evening too.


  August 9:  In all of the years that I have been shooting videos, a highlight for many of our members has been watching a model start the Falcon with the choke all the way out and then trying to back the car down the driveway.  Amy is one of the very few who ever actually made it all the way into the street.  Her frustration leads her to light a cigarette, one of quite a few who have done so during a shoot.  Unfortunately, there are some whose glass will always be half empty.  Amy's fast lane clip is 16:58 minutes long (242 MB).


  August 7:  Back in 2004, we shot two models Brittany and Taylor who were roommates.  Hence the title of their video.  We first get to watch Brittany as she struggles to start the Pussy Wagon.  After more than five minutes of frustration, the engine finally comes to life and Brittany revs the engine to recharge the battery.  Taylor is the star of Part Two as she tries to start the 1962 Rambler convertible.  When it finally starts, she goes for a drive only to have the car continue to stall on her.  This very nice two girl clip is 16:45 minutes in length (239 MB).


  August 6:  These are the second set of clips from our video Volvo Adventures.  Many of you love Asian models, and Kimberly brings a little extra to the video.  Like Sherry, she is an Asian model with some meat on her bones.  The Volvo is not running very well as Kimberly starts it and backs down the driveway.  When she gets the car into the street, it stalls and it takes her forever to get the stubborn car started again.  Kimberly's fast lane clip is 13:28 minutes long (192 MB).


  August 5:  Dixie is a model that shot with us once but her stocking tease is the longest we ever shot.  This is nineteen minutes of pure tease.  You get to see ALMOST everything.  Definitely more than when she was pumping the pedal :).  Note:  We also added 5 new exclusive pedal pumping videos inside our Theater.


  August 2:  Taylor left the restaurant and is one her way one.  She stops at the market to pick up some snacks and when she gets back into the Falcon to go home, the car will not start.  She eventually gets it started again, but it stalls on the way home and is very difficult to get started again.  Our dial up members get four small format clips while those with a high speed internet connection get a fast lane clip that is 17:54 minutes long (256 MB).

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