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Updates For August 2012

  August 31:  Rachel was a freckle faced model who was visiting relatives in the Augusta area and wanted to shoot.  We shot a very nice video of her aggressively pumping, cranking and driving the Pussy Wagon.  We have combined four rather short fast lane clips into a monster that is 22:32 minutes long and a whopping 316 MB in size.  This video was shot in 2004 so many of you probably have never seen the clips.  We tried to shoot in the 1966 Valiant but the starter went out after just a few minutes of cranking.


  August 29:  Gian may be gone but his work is not forgotten.  Filming a model cranking a broomstick must have some virtue but I'm not sure what it is.  We used our presence on Model Mayhem to help Gian get in touch with Tonya.  Her first fast lane clip in the 1967 Plymouth was 8:20 minutes long.  Today we feature Tonya's bare toes in some very sexy red polish as she pumps, cranks and drives the Plymouth, and the fast lane clip is almost twice the length of the old clip (16:33 minutes and 237 MB in size).


  August 28:  Today we feature our long legged model Kayla who worked at Hooters in Columbia, SC.  This is one of the few clips where the 1949 Ford starts almost immediately, but it stalls at a stop sign soon after she leaves home.  Kayla desperately pumps the gas until the car finally starts up again, and she continues on her way.  The Ford stalls in the driveway when she gets back home and simply will not start again.  Kayla's fast lane clip is 12:46 minutes in length (181 MB).


  August 27:  Let's kick off another week with some more topless clips of Angel Tori, this time in the 1962 Tempest.  This very cute eighteen year old and the Tempest both have their tops down as she pumps and cranks the stubborn car in an effort to get it started.  Very nice natural boobs.  Our fast lane clip is 8:55 minutes long (128 MB).


  August 24:  We have remade the clips from Kayla's Encore and they are much better than the original clips.  In today's update, Kayla is meeting a friend for dinner but she is having trouble starting the 1951 Chevy so she calls her friend.  She takes her shoes off so it is easier to pump the gas.  The car stalls several times, and Kayla's stocking foot aggressively pumps the gas pedal.  There were originally two fast lane clips which we have combined into one nineteen minute clip (268 MB) with significantly higher quality.


  August 22:  Rachel has finally gotten the Volvo started and is driving around the neighborhood.  The car stalls so she pulls out the choke but ends up flooding the engine and it takes forever to get the car started again.  Her relief is temporary because the Volvo stalls again in her driveway, and she floods the engine.  This fast lane clip is 13:11 minutes in length (189 MB).  I have been doing this for over ten years, and Rachel's Volvo clips are among my favorites.



  August 21:  Today and tomorrow we feature remade clips from the 2006 video Danielle & Rachel.  Rachel is dressed in gray RH&T stockings as she tries to start the Volvo.  Three tripod mounted cameras capture all of the action, including some amazing exhaust shots.  It takes Rachel over ten minutes to finally get the stubborn car started.  The fast lane clip is 12:21 minutes long (159 MB) and the quality is much better than the original clips.


  August 20:  Let's kick off the week with Emily's third video, appropriately entitled More Of Emily.  We took Emily to the storage lot when the 1963 Falcon had been sitting for quite some time and asked her to see if the car would start.  The Falcon finally starts to turn over and after pumping and cranking for over seven minutes, the engine springs into action.  The car keeps stalling when she puts it into gear, but Emily finally manages to begin her drive around the parking lot.  At the end, she plays with the choke and teases you as she tries to start the car.  We have an eighteen minute fast lane clip (258 MB) for our members with a high speed internet connection.


  August 17:  It is a warm sunny day so Lil Rae and Irish Rose decide to go for a ride in the 1962 Rambler convertible.  The car starts right up for Lil Rae and they are off for a drive until the car stalls and is very hard to get started again.  The Rambler stalls again when they get back home and will not start for Lil Rae so Irish Rose gets behind the wheel and finally starts the stubborn car.  Our fast lane clip is 8:41 minutes in length (124 MB).


  August 15:  Yesterday Joy returns to grace our site, this time in the 1963 Falcon.  The Falcon will not start until Joy pulls out the choke, but the car keeps stalling as she backs down the driveway.  She finally makes it to the street but decides to go back up the driveway because the car is not running right.  Today's fast lane clip is much longer with much higher quality than the old ones.  The fast lane clip is 18:05 minutes long (258 MB).


  August 14:  Back in 2007, we introduced a very pretty model by the name of Joy.  Her first video was entitled the JOY Of Cranking.  Today's clips use three tripod mounted cameras, including an unusual shot from behind the car, to capture Joy as she tries to start the 1951 Chevy for over sixteen minutes until the stubborn old car finally comes to life.  Joy's fast lane clip is 17:13 minutes in length (228 MB).  We have combined two old clips into one new clip where the quality is significantly better.


  August 13:  Topless fans rejoice because Angel Tori is about to rock your boat.  How about a super cute 18 year old cranking and revving the 1949 Ford while showing you some awesome boobs and some dynamite stockings.  Seriously doubt that the shy one can show you either.  Her fast lane clip is 9:13 minutes long (132 MB).


  August 10:  Irish Rose and Lil Rae are at the top of our two girl videos, and today's clips are the last from their very first video.  After a bit of a struggle, Lil Rae has finally managed to start the 1961 Tempest wagon, and the girls are on their way home.  The car stalls several times, and the girls take turns trying to start the Tempest.  At the very end, Lil Rae wants to see if she can get Rose's Volvo started.  The fast lane clip is just under thirteen minutes long (183 MB).


  August 8:  Sorry that I messed up Monday's update but your reward is the long lost Daisy clips.  These clips have never been seen before.  During one of her visits, I set up some cameras on tripods and asked Daisy to see if she could start the 1949 Ford.  If gas pedal pumping was an Olympic sport, Daisy would win the gold medal.  Daisy's fast lane clip is an amazing 18:44 minutes long (268 MB).


  August 7:  The other model in Falcon Fever was a local girl by the name of Ashley.  For some reason, over half of her shoot was never posted on the site so there is quite a bit of as yet unseen footage.  When the Falcon won't start, Ashley looks under the hood.  The car eventually starts but stalls several times as she drives around the neighborhood.  When Ashley gets back home, she stalls the Falcon by pulling the choke out and teasing you as she tries to get it started again.  Ashley's 2006 fast lane clip was only 8:43 minutes long (94 MB).  Today's fast lane clip is 18:12 minutes in length (258 MB).


  August 6:  The next two updates will showcase the remake of our 2006 video Falcon Fever.  Our long legged model Christi wants to go for a ride in the 1963 Falcon.  She pulls the choke out to get it started, but it keeps stalling as she tries to back down the driveway.  The starter eventually gives out so she has to give up.  Back in 2006, Christi's Falcon material was posted as two fast lane clips which totaled 178 MB.  Today we have combined her footage into one 16:32 minute fast lane clip which is 235 MB.  This is 32 percent larger than the old clips so there is a significant increase in the quality.


  August 3:  Lil Rae's fans have lit up the message board, so this update will make them very happy.  Lil Rae and Irish Rose are two sisters, and when their father is away from home, they decide to play in his two vintage cars; a 1949 Ford and a 1951 Chevy.  This is good stuff.  Our dial up members get four clips while our members with high speed internet get a fast lane clip that is 20:42 minutes in length (295 MB).


  August 1:  When opened in 2003, Gian sent us an e-mail asking if he could showcase his material on our site.  Of course we said yes and we had a great relationship until 2011 when apparently his wife found out about his filming and he hooked up with MsVeryShy.  Amanda Sue was one of his cuter models and today's clips are remakes of her in Gian's 1956 Ford.  The two 2006 fast lane clips have been combined into one 21:40 minute clip that is 291 MB in size compared to the 2006 clips that totaled 188 MB.  The quality is substantially better.  There is also a short clip on fast lane page 16 of Amanda Sue in the 1967 Plymouth which I will remake into a much higher quality clip.


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