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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates For April 2016

  April 29:  This was probably the first movie I shot in the Falcon. Tori was from the Charlotte area and came with Brad Patton for the shoot. We took the Falcon to a secluded area in my neighborhood where Tori had a terrible time getting it started. I apologize for the less than stellar sharpness but I couldn't find the tape I used for the original shoot.


  April 28:  This was the only model who was actually under contract to Playboy when I shot her. Her name is Amanda Hanshaw and she is worth a Google search. This is the last of the three movies that Amanda shot with us. It was a cold day when Amanda, wearing a Victoria's Secret sweater dress, went into the garage to see if the 49 Ford would start. Amanda lights up a cigarette while she's cranking, and takes a break to show off her stockings.


  April 25:  Hayley was a local girl who first shot with us back in 2003. Her b/f got her pregnant and she dropped out of site. Five years later, I get a call from Hayley wanting to shoot again. She had apparently spent some time in prison and had become a lesbian. Hayley wanted to drive the 66 Volvo so that is what she did. It took her four minutes to get the car started after which she drove around my neighborhood. The Volvo stalled on her twice and was difficult to get started again. This movie has quite a bit of stick shift driving.


  April 22:  Tori was raised in Rochester, NY and was licensed to cut hair in NY and NC. At one time, she had a salon where she cut hair while she was completely nude for $50. I met a lot of interesting folks in this business. The Pussy Wagon was a label applied by our model April to the 1969 purple Volkswagen bug. In this movie, Tori cranks and drives the Pussy Wagon for almost eighteen minutes. This young lady's legs were made for stockings.


  April 20:  Amaya was a traveling fetish model from West Virginia who shot with several pp sites after her shoot with us. We had recently purchased the 68 Opel, so I asked Amaya to see if she could get the stubborn car started. She had no clue that there was a switch attached to the car. Indeed, the one time I let her start the car, the car stalled on its own which only added to her frustration.


  April 18:  Her real name is Megan Brianna but her friends call her Megbri. One of the sweetest young ladies I ever shot. The black hair tells me that this was her second shoot and since it was cold outside, I decided to have some fun in the 51 Chevy which was sitting in the garage. It was quite a struggle to get the car started and once she got it going, I asked her to do some smoky revving. Megbri then pulled the choke out which stalled the engine, and she couldn't get the Chevy started again. One of the best movies I ever shot features Megbri cranking the 68 Opel when it really would not start. Some great boob shots also, and the movie can be found in Theater Five.


  April 15:  Today we celebrate the opening of our fifteenth theater which makes this movie number 701.  The weather is warming up here in South Carolina so we thought that a bikini would be a great way to open the new theater.  Remi is on her way to join some friends at the beach but the 49 Ford doesn't want to cooperate.  The car eventually starts and Remi is off to the beach.


  April 13:  This is movie number 700, and we are well on our way to 800 movies. I shot 98% of these and edited each and every one. This is one of the few models I ever shot without seeing a photograph beforehand. Roxy asked me to shoot Jennifer so that is what I did. I put her in the 62 Rambler, and she did a very nice cranking and driving movie. We opened Pedal Supreme in March 2003, and we sincerely appreciate the support of our members over these many years.


  April 11:  The Falcon with the choke all the way out has been the theme of many movies. By the time Sorella tried to start the stubborn car at the storage lot, the choke had to be in just the right place or the car would not start. Once it started, she drove around the storage lot until the car stalled and would not start again. Not a raving beauty but very cute with a great personality and very nice natural boobs.


  April 8:  Today we feature Jessi June, a Florida model who also appeared at PTP after shooting with us. It was a very cold day so I took Jessi to the storage lot, and the first car she tried to start was the 63 Valiant. I actually thought that she had flooded the car, but after almost four minutes of pumping and cranking, the car sprang to life, and Jessi began to drive around the storage lot. The Valiant stalled once and was very hard to get started again, but Jessi eventually made it back to the parking space. Next week we will open Theater Fifteen which will mean that our theaters will contain over 700 pedal pumping movies.


  April 6:  Tristen appeared on the site as Jade. One of her parents was Korean but her boobs were from Tijuana. I have Tristen a fairly simple task. See if she could get the 51 Chevy started, back it out of the garage, drive to the end of my driveway and around the island to come back up the driveway and into the garage. This car was really hard to start and hard to keep running once it finally started. No switch or pulled wires.


  April 4:  I've had several requests lately for some cranking with bare boobs so this movie features Amaya with natural boobs getting into the Pussy Wagon and starting it. She then turns the key off and begins to pump the gas so she can flood the Bug. At the end, the car starts and she does a bit of revving.


  April 1:  Jessica came to shoot with us several times from her home in Clemson, SC. This shoot took place on a cold winters day with the 39 DeSoto having been sitting in the driveway for close to a week. With most of the shots coming from inside the car, it took Jessica just over ten minutes to get this pedal start car running.


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