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Updates For April 2015

  April 30:  Remi is very cute young lady with an over-the-top personality who is not shy about showing off her stockings. The Opel is the perfect car for Remi as she shows off her cranking, driving and revving talents.  MasterCard is again an option if you choose to join thru CCBill.


  April 29:  This movie was supposed to be a cranking and driving movie, but the 63 Falcon had other ideas. Nothing that Autumn did would start the car. As the battery was dying at the end, the engine started to turn over but not enough to get the car started. The Falcon's next visitor was the tow truck from Butler Automotive.


  April 28:  This was shot at the storage lot several winters ago with a model from western South Carolina. The Pussy Wagon obviously needed a bath as Jessica cranked and drove the bug around the storage lot.


  April 27:  Becky LeSabre is a porn actress/model from Florida who drove up twice to shoot with us. With summer fast approaching, I thought a bikini/bare feet clip would be a good way to kick off the week. Becky is on the way to the pool but her 79 VW convertible doesn't want to cooperate. Although not the prettiest model I ever shot, Becky has a great teasing personality.


  April 24:  Candi was one of the very few 40+ models that I shot. She loved the stockings and did a very nice job cranking and driving the Opel. This is our 480th movie, and we are on our way to another 200 plus movies.


  April 23:  April was the model who gave the purple bug the name "pussy wagon," and she bought the key chain with the nickname on it. This was the video where I taught April how to flood the bug so the engine would turn over but not actually start. April had a group of model friends that went by the name Keri's Kittens, and she sent quite a few models our way.


  April 22:  Sherri was another local Hooters girl who came to shoot with us several times. When this video was shot, I had quite a few smoking fans so Sherri lights a cigarette while she tries to start the 49 Ford. Sherri was also very comfortable talking to the camera while she was trying to start the car.


  April 21:  Roxanna was a local Hooters girl who made quite a few movies for us, some using her nickname Roxy. This was actually the very first video that was shot in the Volvo, and features a striking young lady cranking, driving and stalling a classic Swedish car.


  April 20:  As many of you already know, Aubrey was a genuine Playboy model having appeared in numerous Playboy publications during 2006. In today's movie, Aubrey cranks and drives our 63 Plymouth Valiant, one of three Valiants we owned over the years. If you look closely, you can see quite a bit of wind blowing because severe thunderstorms approaching our area.


  April 17:  This is a very striking young lady in a black dress from Fredericks of Hollywood and sheer black stockings. Nada was another model who was very comfortable driving a stick shift so there is a rather lengthy driving session, but the cranking scenes are even longer.


  April 16:  Lindsey was a college student studying broadcast journalism who shot with us twice. It takes her quite a while to get the Opel started, and it was clear from the sputtering engine that there was something wrong. While she was trying to rev the engine, it stalled and would not start again. This movie is one of my favorites.


  April 15:  As most of you know, the 74 Plymouth Scamp was my very first car. Although Brooke was not a particularly attractive model, I have had several requests to include her in the theater. She had an outgoing personality and looked very nice in stockings. This movies has a very nice script and includes a trip to the storage lot where Brooke tries to start a newer Mazda sedan that I originally bought for Skylar and had to repossess.


  April 14:  Christal was a new model from the mid west who came to work with several photographers in Georgia and South Carolina. She is wearing one of my Victoria's Secret halter top dresses as she cranks and drives the 51 Chevy around the storage lot. Our 500th movie should in theater ten before the end of May, and the full theater will eventually contain close to 700 pedal pumping movies.


  April 13:  One of our very cute young ladies from our early years cranking, pumping and driving the 66 Valiant. Cameron is wearing a T-shirt and jean shorts with NO hose or footwear. I recently found nine more stocking tease clips which I will add as updates in the near future.


  April 10:  1962 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest convertible, and we put some real money into this classic to make it look awesome. Charlotte was one of the cutest models around and with personality to boot. She pumped and cranked the Tempest for over eight minutes and then did some very nice revving.


  April 9:  Louanne was from just across the Savannah River in South Carolina, and she knew who to drive a stick shift. It takes her quite some time to get the 68 Opel started, but she finally gets to take the car for a drive. There is a lengthy cranking segment at the end.


  April 8:  Today's movie continues our theme of RH&T stockings, this time in black and worn by Shellie, a model who shot in most of our cars back in the mid 2000s. Shellie was a very good stick shift driver, so there is quite a bit of driving in this movie. She also spends a fair amount of time trying to get the stubborn car started.


  April 7:  Tasha was a local girl who came for a shoot and was filmed in three of our vintage cars. Today Tasha drives in her stocking feet showing off her RH&T stockings as she cranks and drives the 64 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan. The car stalls on her several times and is hard to get started again.


  April 6:  Rikki was a very pretty local Hooters girl who talks to you as she tries to start the 49 Ford. She neglected to turn the key on so the car would not turn over during the first few minutes. She takes a short break to show off her long stocking covered legs and then resumes trying to start the stubborn Ford. When it finally starts, Rikki does some revving to recharge the battery.


  April 3:  Things are warming up here in Aiken, SC so we have decided to post one of our remaining bare leg movies. Austin and Richelle are wearing bikinis and they head the to pool in the 51 Chevy, but it takes Richelle over seven minutes to get the stubborn car started. She then does some revving to charge up the battery before taking off for the pool. Today is movie 465 and our ten theaters have over 8,400 minutes of playing time.


  April 2:  Angel is a very cute young lady with a nice set of natural boobs. It was a beautiful summer day, and Angel wanted to take the VW convertible for a spin. She struggled for over five minutes to get the classic car started, and then takes you for a drive in the sunshine. 1979 was essentially the last year of production for the Beetle in the US, and our car was a triple white anniversary edition in beautiful condition.


  April 1:  Their dad has left for the day so Lil Rae and Irish Rose decide to go play in his classic cars. They get dressed in stockings and heels, and then get in the 49 Ford. They eventually get it down the driveway and back to it's parking spot. The girls then get in the 51 Chevy but the stubborn car briefly starts but very quickly stalls and will not start again so they give up before their father comes home. Irish Rose and Lil Rae were both local Hooters girls at the time.


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