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Updates For April 2014

  April 30:  The Falcon and the 69 VW are the only two cars that were pretty much on the site from beginning to the end of filming in 2012. The Falcon also has the distinction of being the only car to suffer fairly serious damage, that being a carburetor fire while Remi was cranking at the storage lot. The Falcon was one of three cars with a manual choke which made for some very nice cranking, sputtering and stalling movies. Today we feature Kylee who was one of the few models to actually the Falcon out of the driveway with the choke pulled all the way out.


  April 29:  For the second day in a row, we feature black RH&T stockings. Our beautiful Hooters calendar centerfold is wearing them with black strappy sandals as she cranks, pumps and drives our Pussy Wagon. Seline is one of our better "bouncers" as she aggressively pumps the gas.


  April 28:  This movie features our beautiful Asian model Kelly as she tries to start the 39 DeSoto in black RH&T stockings and flat shoes. The black heels in her stockings are barely visible as she pushes the starter pedal. Kelly also treats you to a very nice stocking tease. With addition of this movie, we will have 222 movies in five theaters.


  April 25:  A beautiful blonde in a stunning red dress cranking and driving our candy apple red Tempest convertible. Only at Pedal Supreme.


  April 24:  If you like to see a very sexy young lady cranking and driving our 62 Rambler convertible in her stocking feet, this movie is for you.


  April 23:  This is a two part movie in my very favorite car with a model who was referred to me by Brad Patton.


  April 22:  I felt very fortunate when I found a model who could drive a stick shift. Austin had big boobs and thin skin, but she shot some awesome video for us by herself and with her buddy Richelle. They later shot with Shish on PTP as Mandy and Tinsley.


  April 21:  This movie features two of my favorite early models cranking two of my favorite cars; the Pussy Wagon and the 1961 Tempest station wagon. Our cars ranged from 1939 to 1995. No other site has even come close.


  April 18:  First an apology for the title. The car is a 1982, not 1983. Like the 62 Tempest, I bought the Mercedes from Craig's List. Unlike the Tempest, the MB had a center console which made filming the pedals a bit of a challenge, but not impossible. I have more to come from Shandi so I hope you enjoy this one.


  April 17:  1962 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest convertible, and we purchased ours from Craig's List for $1,600. New paint, new front seat covers, new front door panels and new carpet. Katlin was always a pleasure to shoot, and I think you will agree after seeing this movie.


  April 16:  Claire is a stunning model who was one of the top commercial models in the industry. I made a five hour roundtrip drive to Atlanta to pick her up for her first shoot. This is a clip from her first shoot.


  April 15:  This is actually Maria's fourth movie in the theaters so many of you are already familiar with her. Maria was one of the few forty plus year old models that I shot. She has quite a fan base (Australia included), and as I have previously mentioned, she and her husband called me about a 1968 Opel that they saw for sale in Elberton, GA. Here is a tidbit you don't know about. She had a piercing in her clit that she did by herself with nothing to dampen the pain. Who says this job ain't interesting?


  April 14:  Her real name is Megan Brianna but she goes by Megbri.  This was her first shoot, and her hair had highlights.  Megbri was a very sweet young lady and a pleasure to work with.  As with last Friday's movie, the Opel was not tampered with in any way.  The damned car just refused to start and had to be towed to repair shop after the shoot.  AND there are some damned good boob shots.


  April 11:  This movie is at the top of my favorites list. Delila is just about as cute as they come, with or without clothes, and the 1949 to 1952 Chevy's were huge parts of my pre-teen years. The best part of this movie is that it was actually very cold outside, and the 51 Chevy was not rigged or altered in any way, shape or form. I was not expecting the car to stall when she backed out into the street.


  April 10:  I've said this before but it's worth repeating. Many of our models referred their friends to us or brought friends with them for a shoot. During her second visit, Cassandra brought Tiffany with her, and this is just one of Tiffany's awesome shoots. The girls also did a shoot where Cassandra taught Tiffany to drive a stick shift in the 51 Chevy. No other site even comes close to our variety of models and vintage cars.


  April 9:  We took Adriana to the storage lot when the Falcon was in dire need of a carburetor rebuild, and the result is almost twenty three minutes of awesome pedal pumping footage. If you like overweight women, you are definitely in the wrong place.


  April 8:  Some years ago, we devoted our Tuesday updates to bare leg pedal pumping. Kylee wears a sports outfit with flip flops as she cranks and drives our 64 Chevy Bel Air. The huge engine kept draining batteries so that made it difficult to crank the car for any length of time. That's why the car didn't stay in our fleet for very long.


  April 7:  Danielle Trixie is a very well known fetish model that we flew in from Dallas. Cute as a button with a great personality. She eventually gets the 49 Ford started only to have it stall as she backs down the driveway. Her blonde hair, yellow dress and yellow sandals are simply awesome.


  April 4:  Although her name has been misspelled (Delilah) on several message boards, she is a favorite of many in this community. I think that we are the only site to offer topless pedal pumping movies, and Delila has some of the nicest natural tits I've ever seen. Quite frankly, I doubt that you will see a movie/clip like this on any other site.


  April 3:  Another referral from a photographer friend. This young lady had great legs and a personality to match as she pumps and cranks my favorite car, the 1951 Chevrolet.


  April 2:  This is a two girl movie was from 2004 that featured the 1969 purple bug and the 1963 Falcon. The girls are not the most beautiful models that I ever shot but I honestly believe that this is a very nice movie for someone just getting started in this business.


  April 1:  Amy Snow and Shannon were the two models we got from Craig's List before that site found religion. Amy was from Minnesota but stationed at Ft. Gordon so we were able to shoot her several times. Very long legs that looked awesome in stockings, and she was not afraid to give the gas pedal a workout.


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