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Updates For April 2013

  April 30:  These are the first remade clips from the debut of our 1966 Volvo 122S.  Many of our northern European members fell in love with this car.  The model was the first of several Amandas.  This one had long dark hair and a serious Texas accent, although her family lived in Knoxville, TN.  These clips represent over twenty-two minutes of some of the finest cranking and driving clips around.  Our dial up members get four clips while those with high speed internet get a fast lane clip that is 22:20 minutes long (311 MB).


  April 29:  This is another very sexy clip from Candle Boxx.  We came very close to having her shoot with us, but things didn't work out so she became a  regular at another site.  As much as I would have liked to have worked with Candle, I really can't complain about the quality of models who have chosen to work with us.


  April 26:  These are newly remade clips from a 2004 video that featured a model by the name of Helena and several of her friends from  In today's update, Helena pumps and cranks the 1963 Falcon in her stocking feet while smoking a cigarette.  The rest of the video features models that I didn't particularly care for, one of whom (Jackson) was a genuine fruitcake.  It has been a very interesting ride indeed.  I actually liked Helena's fast lane clip which was 13:38 minutes long (193 MB).


  April 24:  Mira was a very cute Asian/American who worked at the local Hooters restaurant.  She also knew how to drive a stick shift so when I put her the 66 Volvo, we were in for a very interesting ride.  When we got back to the house, she told me that the purple bug was her favorite car, and she asked me if she could flood the Pussy Wagon.  Mira's fast lane clip is 13:08 minutes in length (187 MB).


  April 23:  These are the second set of clips from Gracie's Encore.  Gracie struggles to get the 62 Rambler convertible started and once it finally starts, you join Gracie as she takes this classic car for a spin.  Not surprisingly, the car stalls several times and is very hard to get started again.  At the end of the clip, Gracie does some very nice revving.  Her fast lane clip is 14:24 minutes long (206 MB).


  April 22:  Veronica shot with us one time and I loved her video.  I also loved this tease video.  Awesome young lady.  Haven't received any comments one way or the other on the tease videos, but the membership numbers are still very good so we must be doing something right.


  April 19:  Today we continue with more clips from the debut of our 1970 Valiant.  Devon and Jasmine have finally gotten the car to start, and they are off for a drive.  Unfortunately, the car stalls when they get back home and the battery dies so they have to give up.  Part Two features Devon trying to start the Pussy Wagon.  Brie is wearing pantyhose and boots when she hears Devon having car trouble so she offers to try to start the car.  Eventually Brie gets the car started and revs the engine to recharge the battery.  There are four clips for our dial up members plus an awesome 20:57 minute fast lane clip (299 MB).


  April 17:  Gracie was a very popular model so we called her back for a second shoot.  We had three tripod mounted cameras capture Gracie as she tried to start our 1961 Pontiac Tempest wagon.  The engine would turn over but would not catch, and the battery eventually died.  This fast lane clip in 2005 was 7:58 minutes long.  Today the fast lane clip today is 16:52 minute (232 MB), and the quality is one-third better because it was encoded at a higher rate.


  April 16:  Today we continue with more Tales From Tasha.  Tasha wants to drive the Pussy Wagon  but she can't get it started.  Her frustration leads her to light a cigarette, and she even opens the bonnet to check the engine.  After almost eight minutes of pumping and cranking, the engine comes to life, and Tasha is on her way.  The VW stalls several times and when Tasha gets home, she teases you by flooding the Bug until the battery dies.  The fast lane clip is 14:46 minutes long (205 MB).


  April 15:  Although Whitney Taylor was a porn actress, she would only do implied when we shot her.  Perhaps it had something to do with the money :)  In any event, she did some very nice videos for us, and I though you might enjoy seeing a bit more of her.


  April 12:  We have had three Plymouth Valiants; 1964, 1966 & 1970.  Might have something to do with my last name (Valliant).  The two models who introduced the 1970 Valiant were Devon and Jasmine.  The two girls take turns pumping and cranking the stubborn Valiant for over fourteen minutes before the engine comes to life.  There is some very nice dialogue.  The fast lane clip is 15:12 minutes long (217 MB).  These clips are a definite improvement over the ones originally posted back in 2005.


  April 10:  These are the first clips from the 2004 video Czech Mate & More.  Paula was an illegal alien from the Czech Republic and Shasha was one of the "more interesting" models I ever shot.  These clips begin with the girls getting their hair and makeup together in the bathroom.  Before they finish getting dressed, they decide to go down to the garage to see if the 1962 Rambler will start.  The fast lane clip is 17:43 minutes in length (281 MB).  This clip as originally posted on the site was 5:31 minutes long.  Paula had no boobs which is the reason she would not remove her top.


  April 9:  Today we rejoin Kelly as she drives the 1966 Valiant.  The car soon stalls and seems to take forever to get it started again.  Once it starts, Kelly stops at the market on her way home, and when she gets back to her car, it won't start.  The stubborn Valiant stalls again at a stop sign.  There are four small format clips as well as a 19:36 minute fast lane clip (281 MB).


  April 8:  Cassandra was going to school for hair and makeup, and it showed.  She was stunning as you will see in this, the first of her three stocking tease videos.  She now has her own salon in Greenville and a husband to boot.


  April 5:  Today we reintroduce clips from the video Tales From Tasha which were first uploaded in late 2004.  The fl-1 clip back then was 4:48 minutes long.  Today's fl-1 is almost fifteen minutes long (211 MB).  Same girl, same car.  We begin with Tasha getting in the 1964 Bel Air and removing her shoes, revealing her brown RH&T stockings.  The car is a bit difficult to get started and stalls as she backs down the driveway, but Tasha is soon on her way.  The old Chevy stalls quite a bit as she drives around the neighborhood.  When she gets back home, she turns the key off to flood the car for you, and she then does some revving when it finally starts.


  April 3:  This is another one of the clips we did for a member in Germany who loved to see a model cranking a German car as if she was heading to the gym.  Kylee is dressed in a sports outfit as she pumps, cranks and drives the Pussy Wagon for almost seventeen minutes.  Her fast lane clip is 16:52 minutes in length (241 MB).


  April 2:  The 66 Volvo was a favorite among many of our European members.  Brandi was a local model, and her clips are the last ones from the Volvo Times Three.  Brandi's frustration leads her to light a cigarette as she pumps and cranks the Volvo for over fourteen minutes until it finally starts.  She then does some revving to recharge the battery.  Brandi's fast lane clip is 14:42 minutes long (197 MB).


  April 1:  This is a very sexy stocking tease video from one of my more unusual models.  She was born in Egypt because her father was a diplomat.  They moved back to the US from Ghana.  Would have loved to have shot her again but she was one of many models to whom I gave an advance and never returned.

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